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Virtual reality or virtual realities (VR) is a computer generated experience that allows people to be immersed in a 3D space. The appeal to this experience is that it simulates real life through sound, movement, and sight.


In order to enjoy the full VR experience that our facility has to offer, players must be 5 years old to participate in VR rides and 8 years old to participate in VR gaming.

All of our guests under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult during their play session. While our staff are here to assist and guide customers, we have to divide our attention evenly among players.



Absolutely! Our facilities offer various experiences that can be done in groups, such as multiplayer VR gaming or even VR rides.



Booking online is a great way to guarantee yourself a spot at the exact time you’d like. We recommend booking since it saves you time. Our facilities are not limited to bookings, you also have the option of doing a walk in.



Yes, our headsets can be worn over glasses without issue.



Because we serve a high volume of guests at our facility we advise that you arrive 15 minutes ahead of time. All reservations start exactly as scheduled so please keep this in mind when booking.



Yes, we definitely do! Our headsets are sanitized after every use so it’s a clean experience every time. You can also request our associates to clean it right before your game session for good measure.



One of the unique things about Virtual Sting is we have various VR activities that can appeal to a broader demographic of people. Whether you’re seeking a gaming experience, or maybe something more casual like a ride, we can find the perfect experience for you. All our activities can be done solo or with others.

Feel free to call one of our locations to confirm all the activities that are offered.



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